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Yu Fuxiang Life Culture International Group, striving for the world's intangible cultural heritage, [Yu Fuxiang] was founded in 1975, is a member of China Funeral Association, the authority of the Chinese authorities, through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety。。。

Why did the deceased go after wearing a shroud? This is also a saying. Wearing shrouds in the traditional funeral customs is a very important part of the traditional Chinese culture pay attention to "life and death" "into the soil." In the dying of the patient, relatives to give him off wearing a new clothes inside and outside; otherwise, is "naked", relatives will feel very sorry and guilt.

In different areas have different shroud custom, in the northern Han customs, close to wearing a white shirt panties, and then wear black cotton trousers, the most out of a black robe. The whole set of clothing can not have buttons, but also to tie all the tape, this is that "tape" is the successor of the meaning. If the deceased is a male, the feet to wear black shoes, and if it is female, then wear blue shoes. In the southern Fujian area, in the dead to wear shroud, the relatives of the elderly first to a symbolic try.

Royal Fuxiang casket production process selection of high-quality raw materials, sculpture by the top master personally design version, in the carving process by more than 10 years of experience in wood carving sculpture, Fuxiang on the product has a complete inspection and acceptance system, in the acceptance process in the customer responsible attitude to receive each product.

On the funeral in fact there are a lot of stress, funeral supplies than indispensable. There are many funeral supplies, including large white flowers, couplet, small wreaths, Ling brand, road lead seven single, boy, villa, boxed clothes, wax, oil lamp, small wax, big incense, small incense, big coins Silver, jewelry box, kitchen box, kitchenware box, red cloth, white cloth, towel, remake of the remnants of the money, the red coins, red envelopes, hemp, jinshan, gold bullion , The image of the yarn, green yarn, white dress, Lingtang table and chair mahjong, mantle scaffolding, Ming computer, Ming Ming car, Mingju cigarettes, Ming mahjong, old money, old money cans, , Red and yellow paper, wreaths, casket, cannons, small guns, Shou pillow, Shouyi, Shoushou, Shoushou, longevity, etc. These are the Chinese funeral ceremony indispensable.

Now buy the cemetery, generally also cremation, cemetery buried inside is the casket of their loved ones. To the cemetery buried when the casket, but also have a certain process, to understand the cemetery buried casket of the process, but also to the death of their loved ones early rest, the following to introduce the relevant process. First, the staff according to the customer to provide the situation, with pictures to customers to introduce graves and models, prices, customer selection, the staff to lead the customer to the field to watch the tomb, and listen to customer opinions. Second, the customer selected cemetery, the staff led the customer to the monument room, by the relatives to the inscriptions to write the contents of the inscription. Inscriptions according to customer requirements selected monument material, writing typesetting by relatives after the proof, proofreading, signed by the staff to guide customers to the business hall for payment procedures. Third, after determining the purchase, payment, the customer must bring the card ...

        Investors to telephone, fax, online message, etc。 to the headquarters of the professional investment consultants related cooperation matters, obtain the relevant information。 Investors to the headquarters of the project to visit, and with the headquarters staff to carry out business exchanges。 At the same time the headquarters of the investors to review。 Confirm the qualifications of investors。 To confirm the results of the two sides without dispute, the formal signing of the contract。 Investors pay the relevant costs to the headquarters according to the type of investment chosen。 Headquarters will arrange for investors to carry out technical training, training qualified after the issue of authorized bronze medal。 And to provide guidance to the franchisee, and design guidance。 To be joined by the official operation of the headquarters will continue to focus on the franchisee's business, and give guidance and help business。

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              Also known as "ashes and diamonds", "diamond burial", refers to the cremation of the creature will be transformed into "crystal diamonds", so as to achieve the most dear people "really immortal" purposes, Transformed "diamonds" whole body presents elegant blue, to meet those who think "cemetery and casket too rigid" people to miss the requirements of their loved ones, because this "diamonds" can carry, so can be used to make "jewelry"。

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